Hey guys, let’s have a discussion about criticism.

I’ll put it under a read more just in case you don’t care.

I really enjoy voice acting, it’s a lot of fun! I know that many other people share this passion and really like doing it themselves.

In the time I have been doing it, I have had many people come to me and ask for advice or criticism on their voices that they have done, most often it’s Homestuck voices. This is fine! I don’t mind giving my opinion on your work, but I want to make something very clear.

If you ask me for criticism, I am going to do so to the best of my ability. I’m not here to give you validation and shower you with praise and ask you to be in my next project.

That isn’t to say I’m just going to point out all the negative aspects of what you send me. If you do what I feel is a good job, I’ll let you know that too. Pointing out what you did well is just as important as pointing out what you can improve on.

What I really don’t appreciate is when I am asked for criticism, I give the criticism, then you guilt me or make me feel as if I am being too harsh on you for giving my honest opinion of your work.

I’m sorry, but I am NOT here to simply tell you you’re doing a great job. I’m not an expert in voice acting. It’s something I love and that I have been doing consistently for a while now, but that does not make me any kind of voice guru or anything. I will tell you what I like about your performance, and more importantly, what you can improve on.

So if you send me a 3 minute recording of you reading a pesterlog into your laptop mic with no editing, no background noise reduction and it’s all in one take, I am going to give you a list of things that will help you to improve upon it, but please do not get angry at me when I do so because I didn’t think you were the best Gamzee I have ever heard.

Thank you.

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